Sour grapes

Shane Warne was one of the revelations of the coverage of this year’s Ashes series. He gave good insight, was fair and as impartial as possible, and gave as good as he got in the banter stacks (bantah yeah? BANTAH?).

However, despite England’s historic mauling of those spineless Aussies in The Ashes, Warne couldn’t help himself and had a dig at England after their defeat to Australia in the ODI series, calling them a ‘poor side’.

‘It's great to see them (Australia) playing well,’ he said. ‘They have a pretty poor side and Australia are starting to hit their straps, they were hurting after The Ashes – it's good to see them bounce back and play well.

‘You don't mind being beaten in any sport if a side outplays you on the day or over a series, then so be it. I suppose the hardest thing for all us Australians was to watch them play and lose to England, who I didn't think was (sic) a better side. You look at all the numbers, the runs and wickets, we dominated all that sort of stuff, but through a few different things here and there... it probably cost us.’ Yeah, but you lost The Ashes Warne. Deal with it.

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