'Something of a farce'

David Cameron has attacked Sepp Blatter's re-election as Fifa's president as 'something of a farce', during prime minister's questions in the Commons.

The 75-year-old was elected unopposed for a fourth term as president, after his only challenger, Mohamed bin Hammam, withdrew his name from the ballot, hours before he was suspended, along with Concacaf's Jack Warner, over bribery allegations.

Cameron said that being part of the England 2018 bid delegation in Zurich last December had given him first-hand experience of what he called the 'murky' world of international football politics.

I have seen football governance at an international level and I wasn't that impressed by what I saw,' the Prime Minister told the House. 'Fifa's reputation is now at an all-time low and obviously the election with one candidate was something of a farce but it has to become more transparent and more accountable.'

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