Some agents are difficult

It’s always a good idea not to take what Alex Ferguson says too literally, given that a lot of the time his eyes have been distorted by his incessant clock-watching, and the fact he has to protect his empire while the Glazers strip as much money out of Manchester United as they can. So anything he happens to say about the Wayne Rooney transfer saga can definitely be taken with a pinch of salt.

Hence why Fergie apparently slagging off Rooney’s agent Paul Stretford strikes us as being another shot in a PR battle that he is seeking to win, for the sake of his and the club’s support from their fans. Notwithstanding the fact that many agents are of course awful money-grabbing chancers. Still, take a look at this thinly-veiled dig at Streford and see if you can’t see the cogs working in the United boss’ head.

‘It is always tough at United,’ Ferguson said. ‘There are always issues to deal with. When your top players come towards the end of their contracts you have to do something to get them a new one.

‘They are all the same. You have to deal with agents of this world today, which is difficult. The players are no problem. There is no problem with players. Some agents are difficult.’ Like who, Sir Alex?

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