Opening Ceremony Sochi Olympics 2014 Winter Games

Opening ceremonies are always a grand occasion. You only have to think back to the Danny Boyle produced London Olympics to remember just how massive opening ceremonies can be. The Sochi Olympics 2014 opening ceremony was equally good and typically long. A total of 160 minutes were needed to introduce the 22nd Winter Olympics.

Competitors from 87 nations paraded and 40,000 attended the ceremony. The honour of opening the games went to President Vladimir Putin and the Olympic flame was lit by Vladislav Tretiak, a triple gold medallists at the games.

This year’s event will be all about the numbers. It’s already the most expensive Olympics in history as a reported £30billion has been spent on the games. That’s more than the combined total of money spent on the previous 21 editions. The Olympic torch was carried for 40,000 miles this time which is further than it’s been carried in the build up to any games. For the British team, the number of athletes representing the country is the highest of all time at 56 but that number’s nothing compared to the 2,900 competitors representing all 87 nations competing at Sochi.

A fair proportion of the £30billion must have been spent on the event’s security as the concerns that overshadowed the build up to the event have so far come to nothing. Complaints about the rights or minorities in Russia and unpaid constructors fees have also plagued the event so the International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach addressed those concerns in his speech.

"The Olympics are about building bridges to bring people together," Bach said. "They are not about erecting walls to keep people apart. Embrace human diversity and unity."

The ceremony concluded with tennis player Maria Sharapova, who grew up in Sochi, carrying the Olympic flame into the stadium before passing it onto Russian Olympians Yelena Isinbayeva, Aleksandr Karelin and Alina Kabaeva.

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