Snow sledges from Argos; top stuff at low prices!

When it comes to low cost items even snow sledges, Argos have them in plentiful supply. Where would we be without Argos? Whenever there is something you need and you don't know where to get it then you know you can Argos it. They have such great variety in their stock it's no wonder we found some great sledges.

They do a good range of sledges, while you may not get a pro sledge you will get something perfect for the kids. They have many different types and styles at varying prices but today we are looking for cheap and cheerful.

If you just want something to pull the kids around in or let them safely play on a snowy hill then the sledge for 9.99 in Argos is the perfect solution.

It is a heavy duty plastic moulded sledge that is safe and lightweight. This makes it easy to pull the kids around if you are going shopping or for a walk. It is also quick but not too fast so you won't have to worry about them playing on a hill.

They are big and deep enough to hold two kids safely and there is a rope so they have a level of control with the sledge. This sledge really is designed to be safe and controllable, they have really succeeded on both of these.

£9.99 seems like the right type of price for something that will only get used a few times a year so be sure to hit up the argos.co.uk website and check it out for yourself.

There you have it snow sledges from Argos for cheap!

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