About the Snooker World Open

The Snooker World Open has seen several name changes. Originally known as the Professional Players Tournament, the name shifted towards its current label in 2008.

The World Open is a tournament aimed at professional snooker players and has a prize fund of £502,000. The event takes place in Glasgow, Scotland and is hosted by the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association. The Open tournament adopts a knock-out system similar to FA Cup events such as in rugby and football. The longest match took place between British players Dennis Taylor and Steve Davis; the match wrapped up after a whopping 10 hours and 21 minutes.

Some of the Snooker World Open’s most notable winners include:

Nigel Robertson – in the 2010/2011 season, New Zealander Robertson beat Englishman Ronnie O’Sullivan 5-1 to bag the title. He also won the previous year’s event, beating China’s Ding Junhui 9-4. and the 2006 season, in which he beat England’s Jamie Cope 9-5.

John Higgins – This Scottish snooker player beat Welshman Ryan Day 9-7 in the 2008 event. Higgins also won on three previous occasions; once in 1994 against England’s Dave Harold, once in 1999 against Welshman Mark Williams, and again in 2005 against Ronnie O’Sullivan.

Marco Fu – Hailing from Hong Kong, this professional snooker player successfully beat runner-up Ronnie O’Sullivan 9-6 in the 2008 Snooker World Open. The win marked the first time a Hong Konger won the Open.

Ronnie O’Sullivan – One of the youngest British players to compete in the event, Ronnie O’Sullivan has won the event on just one occasion: in 2004, against fellow Englishman Ian McCulloch.

The World Snooker Open is broadcast on a number of UK channels, including BBC One and Two and British Eurosport.

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