A who's who of Snooker World Champions

Joe Davis

Joe Davis won the first World Snooker Championship way back in 1927, and between then and 1946, cool hand Joe won an amazing 15 titles. Joe's record of being the most successful out of all the Snooker World Champions stands to this day. Joe also holds the record of winning more consecutive titles than any other player.

Stephen Hendry

You'd think this dour faced Scot would smile more considering his impressive record as one of the Snooker World Champions. In terms of championships Hendry is the master of the modern era. Between 1990 and 1999 he won the title seven times and has won more titles at the Crucible than any other player.

Alex Higgins

When he first added his name to the list of Snooker World Champions in 1972, the 'Hurricane' was like a breath of fresh air in the stale and stagnant confines of the Crucible.  More so than any other player, Alex Higgins proved to the public that snooker could be exciting. His dynamic performances on the table saw Higgins win only two World Championships. He should have won more, but such is the nature of true genius.

Steve Davis

Steve Davis dominated the game in the 1980s and won the title six times. His style of play was not everyone's cup of tea and many felt he was unfairly given the 'boring' tag. Nevertheless, who cares when you can pull off a 147 break in front of the television cameras.

Ronnie O' Sullivan

The 'people's potter' Jimmy White failed to ever win the World Championship, so it was  up to fellow crowd pleaser Ronnie O' Sullivan to give the public the champion they wanted.  Like the 'Hurricane', and the 'Whirlwind' before him, the 'Rocket' was a natural when it came to snooker, and played the game like it should be played. As a consequence Sullivan is the only multiple time World Champion in the modern era who has never lost a World Championship final.

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