Where to find snooker cues in Dublin

When it comes to buying snooker cues, you are spoiled for choice - with many shops and online stores selling new and second hand cues. Yet finding a good snooker cue can seem difficult. It’s not hard to find a cue, but can be difficult to find the right cue.

If you want to find snooker cues in Dublin, there are several places to look.

Dublin Gumtree and eBay.ie are good places to look if you want to save a bit of cash. However, we recommend that you exercise caution when buying a second hand cue, as this can be a bit risky. Even if the picture looks great, the cue can be slightly warped or could have a hidden crack - so it wouldn’t even be worth the delivery charge. But there are some hidden gems there, and you can walk away with a great cue at a great price.

Buying a cue from a shop will cost more, but you can get a better feel for it. Always try to inspect the cue before buying. Roll the cue on a flat surface and watch the tip - if it moves up and down or side to side, it has warped. Most shops will also allow you to hit a few balls to check it before buying, and you walk away with a receipt if anything goes wrong.

E.J Riley is a fantastic shop in Dublin offering snooker cues. It's located on Marlborough Street, just a stone's throw away from Trinity College. The cues here range from around 30 euro to 150 euro. They don’t have a huge selection but you should find something to suit your needs.


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