Sneijder snubs Ronaldo's move to Real Madrid

Holland and Real Madrid midfielder Wesley Sneijder has snubbed the idea of Cristiano Ronaldo joining the Spanish champions claiming that the arrival of the Manchester United winger would cause problems in the dressing-room at the Bernabeu.

Sneijder said that the £200,000-a-week deal offered to Ronaldo would lead to resentment amongst the other players at Real Madrid. While acknowledging the quality the Manchester United winger would bring to the team, the former Ajax player underlined the importance of maintaining a good balance in the dressing room.

The Holland international also said that Brazilian playmaker Robinho is as good as C-Ron, highlighting the fact that the Portugal international tends to go missing in big games. 'I hope Robinho stays at Madrid because I think he is equal to Cristiano Ronaldo,' Sneijder told reporters. 'People have criticised Robinho because he hasn't performed in the big matches, but I saw important matches for Manchester United and Cristiano didn't perform either'.

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