Sledge to win

Sledging has been going on for decades in cricket. Insulting your opponent in a bid to distract them from the game is pretty much common place – some cricketers ending up just as famous for their witty one-liners as for their on-field skill.

Some see this sporting tradition as an integral part of sporting discourse, others seeing it as well, just not cricket. Taking the mick out of someone’s wife or sexual prowess may be seen as childish. But we think it’s a case of proving your mental, as well as your physical, agility. (Clutching at straws…)

Okay – so what’s said may not be poetry, but you have to give people credit for witty comebacks and, let’s face it, who doesn’t like a “yo mama” gag!? We think sledging should be brought into all sports. Starting with Indoor Bowls…

(Image: from Dave Hogg’s flickr stream)

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