SKY's the limit

The TV hyenas have started picking over the carcass of Setanta's untimely demise, and the football rights are what's getting everyone very hot and bothered.

The permanently in crisis station lost 46 Premier League games after it failed to meet a payment deadline, and SKY look to be the main beneficiaries of their imminent collapse, signing themselves up to the maximum number of matches that they can legally have. According to the Guardian the broadcasting behemoth will scoop up next season's Monday night games at a 'bargain price'. Meanwhile American sports broadcaster ESPN will most likely sign themselves up for the remaining batch of 26 Saturday tea-time games.

Just in case anyone was in doubt about how in the poop Setanta is, check this quote out from the Guardian: 'The company has signed up about 1.2 million subscribers – and it needs 1.9 million to break even. It is believed to be operating at an annual loss of almost £100m. New subscriptions were suspended this month and the business has also missed a £3m payment to the Scottish Premier League.'

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