Sky plot to nick Crown Jewels

Not content with carving up the best deal for Premier League football, pinching the cricket from Channel 4 (remember how good England winning the Ashes was on terrestrial telly?), and generally being the moneybags greedyguts of the modern TV age, BSkyB is going to campaign to have the list of sporting crown jewels – events that by law must be on free-to-air television – abolished so that they can compete to have events such as the Olympics on their network.

Culture secretary Andy Burnham has stated that he wants the list of such events expanded to include cricket, although they haven't specified which format. This has twisted the knickers of BSkyB chief executive Jeremy Darroch.

“It's not for me to dictate to a rights holder how they should sell their rights,” said Darroch. “What we want is the chance to pitch and show what we can do to showcase their sport. There is no such thing as free sports coverage. We all pay our licence fee.” Look we all know ITV Sport are rubbish, but at least acknowledge their existence.

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