Sky gutted, surely

So, Galactic Bionic Showdown Sunday Extravaganza II – The Revenge didn’t quite live up to billing. What are we talking about? The two games of football Sky showed on Sunday, that’s all.

In a blizzard of hyperbole, Sky announced several months ago that this was going to be the greatest, most exciting, awesome showdown in the history of sport. Ever.

The Rumble in the Jungle meets Saving Private Ryan… but with football. The Big Four going toe to toe in gladiatorial combat, attempting to wrench the lead for the title race from each other’s grasp.

So what happens? The ref sendsd off Liverpool’s best player for back-chat and United cruised to a three-nil win. Meanwhile, Arsenal show they’ve got no bottle and hand Chelsea a win after initially taking the lead late on in the game. Sky must have been gutted. In a trice, the title race was over. Armageddon Sunday was a damp squib.

Now they’ll have to trawl the fixtures to pick out Smackdown Saturday for the relegation battle. Wonder what they’ll actually call it?

(Image: from nyaa_birdies_perch’s flickr stream)

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