Looking to buy skiing wear? Check out these stores

Skiing wear is an extremely competitive market, and there are a number of extremely high quality clothing brands bringing out some great fashionable (and practical) skiing wear each season.

So where do you look to find the clothes that are going to keep you looking cool on the slopes this winter?


High Street

There are many shops you can visit to find the best jackets, trousers, goggles, gloves, all in ones or boots, and it doesn't have to cost a bomb.

Most high street sports shops such as JJB Sports, JD Sports, All Sports and others have a good range of Skiing Wear available during the winter months, and this is a good place to go if you are not familiar with the styles and cuts of clothing available.

Other shops that you may not consider 'sports shops' have also started to stock skiing wear in recent years, and these include ASDA, Top Shop and the Officers Club.

There are a number or different variations available and it is all down to personal preference which style of suit you choose. It is an advantage to be able to go to the shops directly and try on the clothes. However, if you are looking to go out of season, there will not be a good selection available in the shops.



If price is your number one requirement with the clothing, then online stores usually have the most competitive prices available.

There are huge online stores devoted to kitting you out in the latest and most stylish skiing wear, some of these include Ski Market (skimarket.co.uk), The Skiwear Service (skiwearservice.co.uk), and Mountain Warehouse (mountainwarehouse.com).

If you are interested in second hand clothing then the best two sites to look on are Amazon (amazon.co.uk) and Ebay (ebay.co.uk). Here you will find a huge range of new and second hand skiing wear, and the prices are usually the lowest anywhere on the web.

Second hand may be particularly good this season coming as retro 80's all in one suits are back in fashion!

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