Where to find the best value skiing pants

There are a lot of places where you can purchase skiing pants and all the equipment that you will need. These places will usually have an expert on staff so they can talk you through your specific needs.

A lot of factors also need to be taken into consideration when buying them, like the location, type of snow and the type of slopes you will be traversing. The in store expert will be able to advise you on all these factors, but if your experienced then you can also look online and try to grab a bargain, especially in the off season.


This site has a full range of gear and offers packages that you can purchase which cover all of your clothing requirements.

They have a selection called the essentials range that covers all of the basics and prices start around £74.99 for a package including jackets, goggles etc. These packages look like they are aimed at beginners looking to get everything in a one stop deal and the site does suggest that customers buying them save, on average, £69 on the basic package.

If you are just looking to replace skiing pants or other items of clothing then the site can help there as well pants start around £19.99 and go up to £40 again these items are highly discounted on the site.


This site is more of a general outdoor supply site but it does have a good selection of skiing clothing. Like the previous site it offers discounts on most items, but again not a lot of background or assistance if you are new to skiing.

Prices range again depending on what you are looking for and start around £19.99 up to £49.99 depending on what you actually need.This site doesn’t offer anything like the essentials package offered by the other site, but again this is a more general site then the previous one.

If you are new to skiing and want to get some background information on the different types of skiing pants then you can look at a few sites that will give you background on materials and suitability of the clothing depending on the conditions you will be experiencing.

These sites are designed to be used and understood by everyone, they are usually written by people who know what they are talking about, and can give expert advice. This information still can’t be taken as gospel, and anyone buying clothing and other equipment should still speak to someone in store or with more experience if they are unsure. Indoor ski slopes may also be a good source of advice and inspiration, if you are taking lessons then question the instructor and get their advice, it’s what they are there for and will be a great resource on everything not just skiing pants, but poles, skis and everything else that you will need when your go on your trip.

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