Find a men's ski jacket with thumb loops online

An ideal ski jacket comes with thumb loops attached to a (usually lycra) fitting on the inside of the cuffs. These loops serve to hold the jacket's sleeves in position by restricting their movement and stopping them from sliding up and down your arm, so you can focus on your skiing. Ski jackets with this feature also have the benefit of maintaining an extra level of warmth, since the cuff fittings stop heat from escaping.

We have traversed the internet so you don't have to, coming up with three of the best buys if you're looking for a men's ski jacket with thumb loops. The first is a bargain buy, the cheapest you are likely to find. The second spends a little more cash to find a great standard for a good price. The third is the best money can buy you - definitely the ideal choice if you can afford it.

  1. Eider Adib Ski Jacket. This comfortable jacket features 100% waterproof, 100% windproof and very breathable material. Its pre-shaped elbows allow freer movement, while its snow skirt, thumb loops and (detachable) hood help stop snow from getting into the jacket. The retail price is £200, but you can buy it online for a bargain £140 at Gear-Zone.co.uk.
  2. Salomon X-Wing Men's Ski Jacket. This value-for-money jacket protects you in against all kinds of weather, and features air vents with a mesh backing to help your skin breathe. Salomon has been a market-leading ski wear brand for over 60 years. Snap it up for £219 (£130 less than the retail price of £349) at LDAMountainCentre.com.
  3. Rossignol Gran Turismo STR Insulated Men's Ski Jacket. The more luxurious choice, this practical and sleek looking jacket features lots of specialised pockets, Thinsulate insulation, ventilation systems to disperse of excess heat and a removable snow skirt along with its expert protection against snow, rain and sleet. Get it on Amazon.com for just $449.99, saving 24% from the $600 retail price.

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