Six Nations preview

Can we expect anything new from this year’s Six Nations’ rugby tournament? It’s set to kick off at 2pm, 2 February, with Ireland taking on Italy at Croke Park. England host Wales at 4.30pm on the same day, while Scotland say bienvenue to Les Bleus at Murrayfield on Sunday 3 February.

Frankly – we probably can’t expect anything too outlandish. The English will probably field a team that’s a mix of ageing, fading stars – with books to promote – and youngsters with a bit of potential but no real idea. Brian Moore will bang on about keeping it tight up front, and there’ll be endless references to the World Cup win and how it’s all gone wrong since Woodie left. Yawn.

The Welsh will play great rugby – for a seven or eight-minute spell in each game – score some spectacular tries and leak some pretty awful ones too. Although, with Sean Edwards now coordinating their defence, expect some shuddering, bodies-on-the-line hits from the Dragons this year.

The Scots will show promise but little else. The Irish will win the ties they’re supposed to lose and lose the ones they’re shoe-ins to win. And the Italians will take everyone closer to the edge than anyone expects. We can’t wait.

Come on the Red Dragons!

(Image: from manuel MC’s flickr stream)

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