Sir Clive raises eyebrows with Olympic plans

After the supreme triumph of carrying England to a Rugby World Cup win four years ago, Sir Clive Woodward’s form has been rather patchy of late.

After an unremarkable spell with Southampton Football Club, Sir Clive was made Elite Performance Director to help Team GB deliver the goods at London 2012. One year on, some people are a little bemused by his methods.

For instance, some 18 of our 35 Olympic sport squads say they have yet to be contacted by Clive. But perhaps they just don’t understand. Perhaps they are just supposed to be osmotically inspired by the thought that Sir Clive is with them. Isn’t that enough?

Anyway, Clive is working on a big plan, which is to be presented in November.

Says British Olympic Association chief executive Simon Clegg: "I am extremely comfortable with what Clive is doing. He has not charged into every sport telling them how to do their business."

Perish the thought. This is no time for stepping on toes. Rumours that Clive has called his plan “It’s Not The Winning…” are as yet unconfirmed. 

(Image: from Roebot’s Flickr stream)

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