Sir Chris gets used to the Olympic track

Sir Chris Hoy won keirin gold at the World Cup in the Olympic velodrome. It was a result he will hope to emulate in the summer at the London Olympics.

Hoy has devoted his training regime to preparing for what will be his last Olympics but had enough strength and tactical acumen to secure gold in an event that is a test of timing and strategy as much as power and speed.

The final came down to a cat-and-mouse battle with the French rider Mickael Bourgain. On the final banking, Hoy was well behind Bourgain and the German rider René Enders, and had to go around the outside.

In the sprint for the line Hoy just managed to get his wheel in front as the trio crossed the line. It was an impressive display from the Scot, especially as he has not yet reached his training peak.

He thought that the roar of the London crowd was an asset, even in a relatively minor event like the World Cup. "It feels like a more significant race," Hoy said. "What a buzz, to hear that roar when you cross the line, it's phenomenal. The track is great and my form is starting to come, but there is so much energy you get from the crowd. You have to use it in a positive way, not be overawed by it and become anxious."

It was a welcome indication of the level of support the British team can expect at the Olympics, when crowd support could make the difference between gold and silver.

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