Sir Alex Ferguson slated in Spanish press

Sir Alex Ferguson has been slated in the Spanish press over comments he made about Real Madrid in a recent interview. The Manchester United boss slammed the Spanish club over their pursuit of Cristiano Ronaldo bringing up the Madrid side's links with former dictator General Franco.

Fergie told GQ that: 'What made it really obscene was that Madrid, as General Franco's club, had a history of being able to get whoever and whatever they wanted, before democracy came to Spain.'

Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon has claimed that Ferguson's comments prove that the Scot is getting old while the Madrid based sports paper Marca has images of Fergie on its front page dressed up as Franco under the headline 'Ferguson senile'.

Sir Alex also claimed earlier in the week that Real only signed defender Gabriel Heinze because of his friendship with Ronaldo in an attempt to bring the Portugal winger to Madrid.

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