Shopping for the best children's running spikes

Once they've stepped up from leaving the competition trailing in the school sports, it's time to start taking athletics seriously, especially with the inspiration of the London Olympics looming. If your sons or daughters are showing an impressive turn of speed, it's time to shop around for some children's running spikes.

Try www.sportsshoes.com for one of the widest range of athletics footwear to be found online. If your child likes a particular brand, it's likely to be found here.

The Nike Zoom Mawler Sprint Running Spikes will delight young athletes who are fond of the swoosh. It's a very cool looking set of spikes, lightweight and designed with elite sprinters in mind, offering extra snap for those fast starts and great grip for running bends. Shoes come in white and gold, suitable for boys and girls. Sizes start at 3 and prices around £55.

Amazon (www.amazon.co.uk) might seem an unusual place to look for sports gear, but they do stock the Adidas Spider Junior running spikes, a great entry-level shoe for aspiring athletes. They comes in sizes from 1 upwards, in black silver or blue, at around £35.

You'll also find the Nike Junior Rival MD IV, in sizes from junior 14 upwards. These usually start at £39.99, but look out for Amazon's sale price of £19.99. One added advantage of Amazon is that it's a chance for the kids to spend those book vouchers that granny gave them for their birthday or Christmas on a pair of running spikes instead

For great deals on prices, it is always worth checking the outlet stores on ebay, for new running spikes. As an example of what can be found, AA Sports offers Adidas Edge children s running spikes for just £24.99 with free postage, a saving of about £15 on the normal price.


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