The problems for the Commonwealth Games continue after the BBC released a series of shocking photos from the site of the athlete’s village showing it in a state of complete disrepair, with flooding, filthy bathrooms and animal footprints on the beds highlighting just how far off ready the whole operation is.

The Games seem to be under serious threat of closure, and to compound matters it has cost India a load of money it might never make back. Since work began in 2008 (five years after Delhi was confirmed as the site for the Games) it has cost somewhere between £1.9billion and £6.3billion, and ticket sales have been poor.

As yet Team England are staying and taking part, but even their chef de mission Craig Hunter was shocked by the state of the site, although he is confident everything will come together at the last minute ‘like and Indian wedding’.

‘We looked in some towers where, even [on Thursday], with countries supposed to be moving in, there's no plaster on the walls, they are deep in water and extremely uninhabitable and quite dangerous in many respects,’ he stated. ‘We are in good shape, but what we are demanding is that all nations are treated equally.

‘The amount of rain that can fall in a very short space of time is quite incredible and at times we are waterlogged. Now we're really struggling and having jokes about how we're going to surf down from our accommodation to the dining room because there's so much water.’

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