Sheer Power

We all knew that Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor is the absolute daddy when it comes to darts; the man has won so many world championship titles we’ve lost count, and consistently batters everyone and everything in his path on his way to darting glory. Yesterday he added another couple of accomplishments to his CV, winning the Premier League title after beating James Wade, and hitting two nine-dart finishes in the process. Ridiculous.

‘I'm a very proud man,’ said Taylor afterwards. ‘I've won every title in the PDC and I don't think I can ever do better than this – it's the proudest day of my life. Everything I've done for the last 30 years has all come together. It's been my dream to do this.’

‘I was playing well enough and James was improving too. You put him under pressure and he hits you back hard to put pressure on you not to miss doubles.

‘I was nice and relaxed going into the final and am delighted to do that for the fans who turned out after the postponement yesterday and with an England football game on next door at Wembley.’

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