She don't like cricket

Lily Allen has been made an honorary member of Lancashire Cricket Club after she revealed in the summer that she loved the sport, and LCC realised they could make huge headlines with the token gesture.

The country’s favourite poptastic poppet made smoochy sounds towards Andrew Flintoff during England’s victorious Ashes series, and received a signed bat from the club as well as a lifelong membership. Whether she’ll traipse up there for a game from London or not is debatable.

‘Lily's admission over summer that she loves her cricket, particularly Test cricket, certainly increased the profile of the sport and this will hopefully lead to more people becoming involved in cricket,’ said Lancashire chief executive Jim Cumbes.

‘To acknowledge her work in promoting cricket, Lancashire County Cricket Club is delighted to make Ms Lily Allen an honorary member of the club as well as presenting her with her own County shirt and a cricket bat signed by the 2009 Lancashire squad including England stars Andrew Flintoff, James Anderson and Sajid Mahmood.’

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