SFA ask for apology form Brazil

The Scottish Football Association has asked Brazil to apologise for striker Neymar accusing their fans of racism.

Brazil striker Neymar claimed that he was the target of racists at the Emriates Stadium on Sunday, where Brazil beat Scotland 2-0 thanks to his two goals. A banana was thrown onto the pitch in the immediate aftermath of his second goal, however a German tourist has since owned up to throwing the racially-charged piece of fruit. Now the SFA want an apology for what they consider a grave insult to their fans, who of whose behaviour the Metropolitan police described as ‘first class’.

‘It is very disappointing that this episode threatened to overshadow an entertaining match, played amidst a real carnival atmosphere created by supporters of both teams,’ read a statement from the SFA’s chief executive Stewart Regan. ‘Scotland and Brazil have played many times over the years, each time in a colourful and friendly environment, and we feel that it's necessary to draw a line under Sunday's events.

‘Scotland's supporters were genuinely upset and annoyed that the unfounded allegations levelled against them threatened to sully their reputation as fair, good humoured and respectful spectators.

‘As the matter has been resolved, and Scotland supporters cleared of any involvement, we felt it was only right that we acted on behalf of our supporters to request an apology either from the player involved, or the Brazilian FA.’

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