Sergio Aguero tweets that he is a Manchester City player

Say what you want about Twitter, but if you want to find a breaking news story, quickly, then there isn't a better place: the phone hacking scandal was a prime example of this, with journos from all over the country pounding their timelines about the corruption in government, the police and at News International.

However, it's also useful for lesser stories like transfer gossip, especially when players write about their moves before the papers get a chance to confirm whether deals have been made. Take Sergio Aguero, for instance: before any paper has been signed, or any word has got out to the press, he's already declaring himself a Manchester City player on Twitter. That's the modern world for you.

'I'm already a City player. Happy to be in this club and this city,' the 23-year-old wrote. 'Thank you all for the welcome and the reception!'

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