Serena through to Wimbledon final

Serena Williams did what her sister couldn’t and made it through to the Wimbledon final, after a tough match against the unseeded Czech Petra Kvitova. Williams eventually won in two sets 7-6 (7-5), 6-2, but the scoreline doesn’t do justice to effort put in by the world number 62.

Kvitova actually had the lead in the first set after becoming the first woman to break William’s serve at the tournament, but she let it slip through her fingers and after she lost the tie-break, Williams stepped through the gears and won the second set easily.

‘It wasn't easy, I worked really hard,’ she said to the BBC. ‘I didn't expect to get this far the way I started at the beginning of the tournament. I just felt off, but I'm happy to still be here. It's such a blessing to just be in the tournament.

‘I didn't hit that many aces today but honestly I've never served that many aces. It's weird and exciting. I've always relied on my serve to be good and strong but in the eve of my career it's just got better.

‘It took me a while to get used to her serve but I try not to worry too much out there, it's not the time. I think that I took my opportunities better in the second set.’

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