Sepp Blatter to step down in 2015

Earlier on today it was reported that Mohammed Bin Hammam would endeavour to make Fifa a more open organisation if he were elected president in May; presumably he is hoping on good old honesty to win out. Current president Sepp Blatter meanwhile, is going for stone-cold politicking in his bid to win the presidency.

The 75-year-old has announced that should he win, he would definitely step down in 2015, which many see as a blatant attempt to court Michel Platini and his supporters: this way the Frenchman would almost be a shoo-in for the position in four years time, while if Bin Hammam wins he could be waiting a long time before he gets his chance.

‘You know I aspire to another four years,’ he told a Uefa Congress. ‘(But) these will be the last years for which I stand as candidate. We are in extra-time; let's wait and see what the outcome will be.’

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