Sepp Blatter re-elected Fifa president

Sepp Blatter was re-elected as president of Fifa earlier this afternoon. The 75-year-old was the only candidate in the election following Mohamed bin Hammam's withdrawal in the wake of bribery allegations brought against him on Sunday.

Although the English FA attempted to delay the election, Blatter received 186 out of a possible 203 votes at the Fifa congress in Zurich. His victory speech displayed all of the humility for which he is known the world over.

'I thank you for your trust and confidence from the bottom of my heart and together we will have four more years – provided the Lord gives me the life, the energy and the strength to continue on our path.'

Blatter continued: 'I'm happy today we were once again able to bring solidarity and unity into Fifa. We shall move forward, we will put Fifa's ship back on the right course in clear, transparent waters. We need some time, we cannot do it overnight, but we will do it. I am deeply moved, I am honoured and I thank you. This is a new challenge and I accept it.'

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