Sepp Blatter knew about ncorruption, says Bin Hammam

There’s been yet another twist in the corruption allegations scandal at Fifa: Mohamed Bin Hammam, who is standing as a presidential candidate for the governing body and who has been accused of bribery, has claimed that Sepp Blatter was in on it too.

Bin Hammam has said that in the dossier of allegations, which he denies are true, vice president Jack Warner told Blatter about the payments (cash bribes of $40,000 to voters, out of money that was earmarked for ‘football development’), and the Swiss took no action. Given that according to Fifa’s code of ethics demands that any breach be reported to the ethic committee, this is quite a grave counter-allegation.

The problem for Bin Hammam is this: if he is using the evidence in the dossier to hang Blatter, he is also effectively hanging himself, by admitting that these payments were made. This then makes his position as a presidential candidate untenable, meaning that he has to make sure that Blatter is punished – otherwise he is finished at Fifa. It’s quite a risky move.

‘The accusations also contain statements according to which Mr Blatter, the incumbent Fifa president, was informed of, but did not oppose, payments allegedly made to members of the Caribbean Football Union,’ wrote Bin Hamman in a statement. It looks like the Qatari is toast, but will he burn anyone else?

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