Where to sell your football tickets

Where to sell your football tickets can leave you in a dilemma if you do not know the best places to advertise them.

Maybe you have won football tickets in a competition and do not fancy watching the team that is playing. Maybe you are just not a football fan but would rather earn some money of the tickets than just give them away.

Perhaps you have purchased tickets and another commitment has come up. Whatever the scenario there are various ways you can sell your unwanted football tickets.

Some football clubs have a section where fans can sell unwanted tickets back via the official club website. If you are a member of the football club in question this is often a good option.

There are specific websites where fans can sell tickets and even swap tickets to go to match or at a date that suits you better or to see a different team

(ticket4football) selling unwanted tickets for football matches, they guarantee a risk free way to sell tickets.

(seatwave.com) selling fans unwanted tickets. Seatwave arrange collection of the tickets once sold and guarantee secure payment.

(ebay.co.uk) you can advertise your tickets here and sell to the highest bidder or sell at a set price.

(viagogo.co.uk) where you can list your unwanted tickets, there are no fees for listing your tickets and no charges if they do not sell

As you can see if were unsure where to sell your football tickets there really is a good range of options so you can recoup  the money spent and get to see another game.

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