How to know a good deal when buying second hand golf clubs!

With the image of affluent, retired men enjoying rounds of golf on pristine country courses well out-dated, golf is now a sport accessible to everyone. Golf equipment is becoming more affordable by the day. However, whether an absolute beginner or an experienced player looking to save some money, there are some important things to consider when purchasing second hand golf clubs.

What to look for?

When searching for second hand golf clubs you should bear in mind two main factors: are the clubs suitable for your playing ability?, and what condition are the clubs in? If you are a beginner then playing with clubs designed for advanced players might hamper your progress. Therefore, be sure to consult the seller on their own ability and get a good feel for the clubs in terms of weight, grip and control. If in doubt, ask to take them for a trial.

Secondly, you should assess the clubs stringently in order to check for any previous damage. Fortunately, golf clubs are usually an important purchase, so players tend to take good care of their equipment. Nevertheless, make sure that the grips are in good condition, the shafts are straight and the club faces are scratch free.

Where to look for second hand golf clubs?

Today there are many places to find real bargains on second hand golf clubs, including in stores and online. A good place to start is at the club shop of your local course. Many players buying a new set of clubs often trade in their old set, which will then be resold at a discounted rate. Furthermore, warehouse stores like American Golf offer a range of second hand equipment in addition to new products.

If you are willing to take a chance, then a real bargain can be found online. Many golfers advertise their old equipment on Ebay.co.uk at extremely low prices. Remember though, when purchasing online from private sellers you may not have the same guarantee that is given in stores.

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