Sites to check for second hand downhill bikes

Are you looking to pick up a cheap downhill bike to begin taking to mountains? These bikes can unfortunately cost quite a lot, leaving you unable to afford them. This is why we suggest going for a cheaper option and going for a pre owned bike. In this blog, we are going to show you the best places you can pick up cheap second hand downhill bikes without having to compromise on quality, so lets take a look!

A downhill bike can cost an unreasonable amount due to the fact that the suspension system needs to be outstanding to absorb all of the shocks you will pick up along the road. This is why going for a second hand bike will help bring down the costs. The first site we recommend you check out for a cheap second hand downhill bike is Pre-Loved at www.preloved.co.uk. Pre-Loved is a fantastic place to check out for second hand bargains, and they have a huge range of downhill bikes for you to check out. Their prices are fantastic too, so this site is a great starting point.

The next site we suggest you check out is Once Ridden. This site specialises in cheap pre-owned bikes, and you can check out their full selection at www.onceridden.com. Once Ridden have a fantastic range of downhill bikes, and they have some fantastic guides to what to watch out for when purchasing a pre-owned bike.

The final site we recommend you check out is Going Going Bike at www.goinggoingbike.com. This site is a huge online resource for pre-owned bikes, and their range of bikes and prices makes them an essential site to check out.

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