Sebastian Vettel wins Spanish Grand Prix

It looks like this year’s Formula 1 championship is going to be a straight fight between Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel and McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton: the pair finished first and second respectively at the Spanish Grand Prix yesterday, and the Englishman showed impressive fight to push Vettel all the way.

The pair now stand 41 points apart, with Vettel winning four of the last five GPs (Hamilton won the other), however should Hamilton carry on driving the way he has, sooner or later he is going to start closing the gap. It could yet be a very interesting season.

‘McLaren were very strong, Lewis in particular,’ he said. ‘The last few laps I felt like China, with my tyres falling away. He (Hamilton) was always getting in the DRS zone but in the last few laps I got a good run in the last sector to make it stick.’

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