Sebastian Vettel wins Italian Grand Prix

This year appears to be the first year in a long time that the Formula One championship is exciting: usually it's a drab procession of cars, with very little overtaking, with races won off-track by teams of technicians rather than drivers. However this year there has been some top notch driving and battles on the track, with everyone doing their best to catch up with Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel.

Yesterday Vettel won the Italian Grand Prix to move closer to his second world title, showing some explosive and aggressive driving in the process. It was Fernando Alonso who took the early lead, overtaking Vettel at the start line, but the German slipped passed him again to take the lead in the race, a lead he held to the finish line. Now Vettel is 112 points in the lead, and will have the chance to win the title in Singapore in two weeks time.

'This was a circuit that has been tough for us to be competitive in the last couple of years and we have come back this year,' said The German afterwards. 'The start wasn't good, I don't know where Fernando came from and it took me a while to realise we were three across the track.'

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