Scud missile

Premier League chief Richard Scudamore has blasted those who put Portsmouth’s plunge into financial disaster down to the way the league runs the game, saying that they were given the same amount of TV money as every other club in the league and it was their own mismanagement that caused them going into administration.

Administrator Andrew Andronikou today revealed in a letter to all of Pompey’s known creditors, which can be read here, that the south coast club owe a whopping £119million - £38million of which is owed to former owners, and Scudamore used the opportunity to back the Premier League and deny the way it manages the top clubs has anything to do with their slow demise.

‘Back in January, I said that if a club enters administration while in the Premier League then it would be down to bad management of the club, and it is,’ he told BBC Radio 5 live. ‘If you start the season knowing you're going to get between £30m and £50m from the Premier League throughout the year, it is entirely possible to organise yourself so you don't get into the difficulties that Pompey have got into.

‘You cannot possibly link the distribution of our income to Portsmouth's woes. All the money is distributed evenly, so Wigan and Burnley this season will have earned as much international television exposure as Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal. That's an important redistribution mechanism - and that's what stands us out from the other leagues in Europe, particularly the Spanish. You can't actually say it's about the way we redistribute out money that has caused Portsmouth's problems.’

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