Scotland shock Wallabies

Scotland’s rugby union side pulled off a remarkable victory in Australia. A last minute penalty from Greig Laidlaw secured a 9-6 win – Scotland’s first victory over the Australians Down Under in 30 years.

Scotland had a very poor Six Nations, characterised by an inability to score, managing only four tries in their five matches. They didn’t look too potent in attack against the Australians, but their defending was heroic.

The match hinged on Scotland’s astonishing resilience in the second-half. With howling winds and driving rain making flowing rugby impossible, Scotland fought for every ball. Their lineout was the weak link, continually giving possession back to the Australians, but the Scots maintained points parity throughout the half.

A late breakout set up the winning chance. A series of scrums provoked infringements from the Australian pack and the referee awarded Laidlaw the penalty opportunity.

"When we had the ball we made the most of it and eventually it came our way," the Scotland captain Ross Ford said. "It was phenomenal. Australia are a great team and to win away from home is fantastic. The boys are over the moon. We put in a big shift in defence and they put their bodies on the line. Contrary to popular belief we prefer playing in dry weather. Our boys just stuck in there and stuck to their task."

It was Scotland’s second successive victory over the Australians after a win in Edinburgh in 2009, but nobody expected them to manage it in Australia. It will provide vital grounding for the Six Nations campaign in 2013.

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