Scolari: Chelsea can win the quadruple

It seems that new Chelsea boss, Luiz Felipe Scolari, has attended the same school of humility as Jose Mourinho after telling reporters that he can guide the Blues to the quadruple. Speaking on Chelsea's pre-season tour of Asia, the Brazilian said that the squad of players at his disposal could achieve an unprecedented clean sweep of trophies.

Scolari highlighted the fact that although Chelsea reached two finals last year they walked away empty handed on both occasions. He claimed that his experience in management could provide the cutting edge in the pressure of a major final.

Chelsea have completely dominated the games on their Asian tour which the players have been able to use as practice sessions despite talk of unrest amongst players unhappy with the rigorous nature of the pre-season preparations in such humid conditions. The poor darlings, it really must be difficult being a modern footballing slave.

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