Schumacher apologies for Grand Prix mishap

Michael Schumacher has apologised for nearly pushing Rubens Barrichello into a pit wall during Sunday’s Hungarian Grand Prix. The elite F1 driver made an aggressive manouever that endangered Barrichello, forcing him to swerve and almost crash out of the race.

It is the first sign that Schumacher is frustrated with his Mercedes GP car and of not having regained his dominance in the sport since his recent return. The German driver yesterday admitted and apologised for his mistake on his website: ‘yesterday, right after the race I was still in the heat of the action, but after I watched the incident again I must say that the stewards were right with their assessment: the move against him was too hard.’

He added: 'I wanted to make it hard for him to pass me. I clearly showed him that I didn't want to let him pass but I wasn't seeking to endanger him with my move. If he feels I was then I'm sorry. This wasn't my intention.'

Schumacher has been hit with a 10-place grid penalty for the next Grand Prix. Watch the move below...

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