Where to Buy Schoffel Ski Wear Online

Schoffel ski wear is now easier to find online than ever before and skiplusonline.co.uk should be one of your first stops if you're looking for this particular brand of ski gear.  The site stocks not only Schoffel, but many other brands as well including Atomic, Bloc, Bolle, Bonfire, Dainese, Dakine, Giro,Nordica and many more.   You'll also have a choice between skis, ski boots, board bindings, snowboards, ski wear for ladies, men and children, and other ski accessories, so you're bound to find something you like at this site.

A quick site search shows Schoffel ski pants, jackets and beanies for sale.  The Schoffel Granite Jacket currently sells for £288.00 here, and this is 20% lower than the recommended retail price of£360.00!  A Schoffel lappland ladies hat sells for only £30.00. Schoffel ladies ski pants sell for £185.00, and the Schoffel Shiva jacket sells for £320.00. This jacket usually retails for around £400.00,so that's another saving of £80.00 if you shop at this site.

skiplusonline.co.uk is also offering savings of up to 50% at present as part of it's summer price melt promotion, so now is the time to buy! Better yet, if you order in June or July your order will be delivered to your door free of charge, and that means saving even more on the Schoffel ski wear you purchase.  If you need a little help ordering you can also contact them on 01245 264143 to get assistance and expert advice.

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