Scandal hits French football

Reports coming from France have suggested that the country’s football authorities were planning to limit the number of black and Arab trainees entering training centres and academies to 30 per cent, at ages as young as 12-13.

The French Football Federation (FFF) has denied the story, which was broken by French football journal Mediapart, and in which they name the current national team coach Laurent Blanc as being complicit. More importantly they say that Francois Blaquart, the new head of the National Technical Board (DTN), successfully argue to implement a process of discrimination along the lines of race, with both quoted as saying that they wanted more intelligent, less physical players coming through the ranks. The clear implication being that blacks and Arab don’t think. The source claims that Blanc said: ‘The Spanish, they say ‘we don't have a problem. We have no blacks’.’

‘The objective declared within the DTN, but undisclosable to the general public, is to limit - by filtering them right from the age of 12-13 - the number of French players of African and North African kind,' the website said. ‘A genuine segregation applied to football.’

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