Save the Saints?

It's very testing times for Southampton Football Club indeed. Not only did the south coast club, who won the FA Cup in 1976, get relegated at the weekend, they could go out of business in eight days time if they don't find a buyer.

The players were only paid this week after fans raised £130,000 with their Save Our Saints appeal, and while two buyers are said to be keen on the club, the club could fold two days after their last game of the season at Nottingham Forest. Not only that, but they could be deducted 10 points at the start of next season after the FA ruled that the club and holding company Southampton Leisure Holding were inextricably linked.

The club could also be fined after the fans invaded the pitch and threw objects at Burnley fans at the weekend, compounding their troubles. If you want to donate money to the club, follow the link above.

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