Save big on your winter trip with Parallel ski wear

There are few hobbies more expensive than skiing, but with Parallel ski wear you can kit yourself out for your next snow shredding trip at an affordable price.

For very little you can pick-up a complete winter sports outfit that's perfect for the beginner or spring time skier.

With over 120 stores across the UK and Ireland and an easy to use website that offers next day delivery on all purchases, Mountain Warehouse is the ideal place to grab a good deal.

One especially good offer is the women's Oxygen Ski Jacket, which is on sale at £16.99, down from £69.99.

Its simple and stylish design is perfect to match a multitude of different outfits, meaning it can be used as an everyday winter jacket and not just on the mountain. It's also completely waterproof and has an insulated fleece layer to make sure you stay both warm and dry throughout the day.

An absolute essential purchase for everyone hitting the slopes is a good base-layer. Although there are cheaper options out there, investing in a merino thermal top will quickly pay for itself.

Merino wool comes from the merino mountain sheep, most commonly found in New Zealand, and is excellent at regulating body temperature, keeping you warm in the coldest conditions and allowing the skin to breathe when you overheat.

Mountain Warehouse currently have zip-up merino tops on sale for both men and women. The original price for both tops was £29.99, but they are currently available for just £20.99.

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