Savage savages pilot’s career

A former Gulf War RAF pilot has been sacked as a pilot for Mytravel after he allowed aerophobe Robbie Savage “near the controls” of a private charter flight.

Like Dennis Bergkampf before him (though this is perhaps the only similarity between the two footballers), the Blackburn midfielder has a well-known fear of flying.

Pilot Pablo Mason had allowed Savage into the cockpit on a flight back from Finland with his team in August. He was dismissed for breaking the company’s strict anti-terrorism laws.

"Yes I broke a rule,” said Captain Mason. “I did interpret the rule wasn't quite as strict for a private charter, which this was. Everyone on board knew each other.

"I think, above all, his anxiety about flying has been relaxed in some way. He knows a little more about how and why a modern airline gets into the sky, and I think he sees the captain as being someone to trust and place his trust in."

Said Mytravel: "We have a zero-tolerance policy towards any actions which could endanger the safety of our passengers and employees."

Hmmm. Sensible precaution in these dangerous days, or political correctness gone mad? Either way, it’s a gift for the headline writers. “Savage not good in the air”. “Savage’s aerial threat”. “Robbie Savage: official terror warning”.

Your turn…

(Image: from billypalooza's Flickr stream)

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