Samir Nasri criticises Arsenal fans

Samir Nasri has finally sealed his transfer to Manchester City, putting an end to both of this summer's long-running transfer sagas. With him at City and Fabregas at Barcelona both the players and the club can now moved on - right?

It appears not, for Nasri couldn't help but leave a parting shot at his former supporters, saying that they don't have the same passion as City fans, and that it's only got worse since they moved away from Highbury. Mind you, even most Arsenal fans would say the same, but it's still not very nice to hear, is it?

'The City supporters are really passionate and it reminds me of (playing for) Marseille,' Nasri said. 'Arsenal have good fans but they are not that passionate since they moved from Highbury to the Emirates. The crowd at City are amazing and that's what you want as a player – a good atmosphere.

'I was a little frustrated because I'd told the manager I wanted to leave and I wanted to do the whole pre-season with Manchester and get to know my team-mates. I was a bit frustrated but today is a big day for me. It's a new start and I'm looking forward to it. Even the weather was nice when I arrived. I don't see the difference from London and I am here to play football, to enjoy it and win the title.'

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