Ryan Babel to FA hearing over Twit pic

Liverpool forward Ryan Babel is due to face a hearing at the Football Association after he accepted a charge of improper conduct over a Twitter post in which he criticised referee Howard Webb.

The Dutchman posted up a doctored picture of Webb in a Manchester United replica kit on the social networking site in the aftermath of Liverpool’s FA Cup defeat at Old Trafford a week ago, lambasting the referee’s performance and hitting the headlines in the process. It is unclear what punishment the FA will dish out, but while Kenny Daglish agrees that he was in the wrong, he thinks it should be dealt with quickly and quietly.

‘I think it was a bit tongue in cheek,’ said Reds caretaker boss Kenny Dalglish. ‘Ryan has to be responsible. If you are going to be on Twitter you have to be responsible.

‘You know the repercussions if you say or do something which is contentious. He never drew it (the picture) up, he just forwarded it on. The club will take some action I would have thought and then that should be it for me.’

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