RvP gives it to 'big mouth' rivals

Arsenal have come in for a lot of criticism this season; dumped out of all the cup competitions in a limp fashion and seemingly incapable of capitalising on Manchester United’s stuttering league form, it seems that people are lining up to calling them a bunch of jelly-spined chokers. However Robin van Persie doesn’t want to hear any of that. Oh no.

The Dutch striker, who has spent large chunks of the last few seasons out injured, has said that the Gunners have proved a point to their ‘big mouth’ rivals Chelsea and Manchester City, by being a little bit further up the league table than them. It does go to show that constantly flopping when the going gets tough can create a siege mentality about you.

‘I still strongly believe in my club's philosophy,’ van Persie said. ‘A club like Manchester City change their philosophy every year and Chelsea spent about €80m this season ... two clubs who had a big mouth before the season, thinking that Arsenal wouldn't play a role in the title race but we are still ahead of them. And just by playing our own game, through our own philosophy.’

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