Running shops in Birmingham

Up and Running

Up and Running have shops all over the UK. The Birmingham Up and Running is situated in the city centre and above Evans cycle shop in Temple Street. One of the best running shops in Birmingham offers gait analysis for customers via a treadmill. Video is used in this process to determine which is the right shoe for you. The shop also has a nutritional advisor, and hands out information on local races, local running clubs, and training. Up and Running offers both clothing and accessories, in addition to shoes from companies including Asics, Brooks, Nike, and Mizuno. The store offers free mainland delivery to customers who order more than £100 worth of goods.

Birmingham Runner

Birmingham Runner, in existence since 1983, is a shop just outside of Solihull, in Stratford Road, Shirley. This shop also offers their customers video gait analysis, and it accepts online payment for their products, including via PayPal. Another of the top running shops in Birmingham, Birmingham Runner has available running clothing and accessories, and the running shoes they have in stock include top brands such as Nike and Asics.

Sutton Runner Situated in Sutton Coldfield, Sutton Runner has a wide range of running gear from many major brands. All orders from the shop are dispatched on the same day of purchase. They also provide video gait analysis in the shop.

SweatshopSweatshop is a chain of specialist running shops, and there's one in Brierley Hill, just west of Birmingham. They specialise in motion analysis, which is available in the shop, and without the need to make an appointment. The Sweatshop Running Community organises a local run every Sunday.

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