Running shoes for runners in the UK

There are a rich variety of running shoes in the UK that cater for the wide range of running disciplines, for both professional and amateurs.

Road Racing

Running shoes for road runners in the UK will need to be designed in such a way that they can absorb the constant pounding of an athlete's feet on the hard surfaces that they encounter. All running shoes have to be designed with speed in mind, but, for long distance runners who run on tough surfaces, they will require running shoes that do more than just assist speed. Comfort and security will also need to be a key ingredient in achieving a good performance.

Cross Country

The shoes for this type of running activity need to be able to give a runner a good grip on the soft surfaces that they come against. Because, in the UK, these surfaces are often wet they will be quite precarious for a runner who doesn't possess the appropriate footwear. The shoes for runners on this type of ground also need to be sturdy and make running as smooth as possible in difficult terrain. There are many different subtle variations of running shoes in the UK that will be suitable for a cross country runner.


The lightest running shoes of all, running spikes are designed for speed, and this includes for long distance runners who have a quick finish and can benefit from the streamlined design. Spikes are types of running shoes that are not as durable as the other type of running shoes mentioned, but are the footwear of choice for all track runners.

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