How to find the most suitable running shoes and spikes

With the World Athletics Championship having recently come to a close and London 2012 just around the corner, athletics in the UK is in full swing. If you are a keen runner and part of a club or just starting out then you may be looking to buy a new pair of running shoes or spikes. The following will provide you with a few pointers on making your next purchase.

No matter how experienced you are, your first port of call should be Shoeguide.co.uk. This is a great website that provides abundant information on everything there is to know about running shoes and spikes. Not only will you find advice on the varying styles of running shoes currently on the market, but also informative articles and reviews. Finding trainers on Shoeguide.co.uk is made simple by allowing users to search by brand or purpose.There is also a 6-step wizard that will help you to find the most suitable shoe.

Once you have found a selection of running shoes and spikes that you feel are suitable to your needs you have two options. Perform an online search to see if an internet store stocks the shoe, or visit a High Street shop. Both options have their advantages:

Through online stores such as Sportsshoes.com you can find some real bargains, however online purchases do come with an element of risk. As you do not see the trainer until it arrives there is no guarantee that it will be the perfect fit.

This is where High Street stores like JJB Sports come in handy. As they stock a large collection of sporting equipment you can drop into your local branch and spend a few hours sampling different styles and brands.

You can also take advantage of both store formats by first trying the trainers on and then going home to see if they are available at a discounted rate online.

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